MERCO Bank Acquires More Crypto Holdings Ahead Of Bull Run

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MERCO Bank Acquires More Crypto Holdings Ahead Of Bull Run

Financial services firms are facing an increase in economic, and technological improvements. Industry-leading organizations across the globe trust MERCO Bank's fund management solutions to reduce costs, drive revenue, enrich the client experience, manage risk, and navigate profitablity requirements.

MERCO is largely credited with kick-starting a new wave of institutional interest in Bitcoin as the bank initiates a transfer to purchase an estimated 20,000 Bitcoin.

As one of the pioneers in digital fund banking innovation and, the fastest growing ‘digital bank’, we are always looking for ways to enhance our customers’ banking experience, and provide more security and profitablity. 

Apart from the extensive purchases in the cryptocurrency domain ahead of the bull run, MERCO bank is famously known for its exclusive Long-term investment plans, an Open-research ecosystem that is transparent and real-time stake, and share trade options in a single account making them the complete package to manage all your assets in a single place, that too digitally.Continue reading

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