MERCO Bank’s Philanthropic projects and Charitable Giving is Innovating Fintech

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MERCO Bank’s Philanthropic projects and Charitable Giving is Innovating Fintech

Customer expectations and competition are high, and the financial industry is regularly disrupted by outstanding sensations like MERCO bank which aside being one of the leading and top Digital banks worldwide, also has a good service rating for their customers. 

Combining philanthropy, volunteerism, advocacy, and collaboration with other businesses and community partners, MERCO Bank invests in communities where they thrive with the singular aim of helping the neighbourhood prosper.

MERCO Bank has a long-standing tradition of serving the communities in which it operates. We are committed to supporting organisations that provide innovative services to the residents and communities throughout our market area. As stated in our Principles, the goal is to be actively involved in communities and do our part to enhance and improve the quality of life for customers and employees. Our commitment builds beyond philanthropy. We use our voice to advocate for systemic change that advances equity in the communities we serve. 

Now, as one of the largest global investment banks, we have the resources to help in new ways, while continuing the support we have always shared with communities at the grassroots level in thousands of grants each year. And with greater resources, we are building on the key areas from the grassroot support to address the most challenging and pressing issues of our time, particularly around digital economic inclusion and mobility.

We do this because it is both the right and the smart thing to do, firm in the belief that the combination of philanthropy, volunteerism, advocacy and collaborations with community partners is the best way we can support our esteemed customers and impact positively on humanity and the world. 

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